If you are here you probably want to know a little bit about me:
​​​​​​​With over 25 years of experience as an integrated creative director, including 14 years in executive creative director positions and 1 year on the brand side working at a Startup, I have honed my expertise in driving creative innovation and building successful brands. ​​​​​​​
As a dual citizen ( UK & US ), I started my career in London working on regional then European brands. I moved to New York in 2004 with Ogilvy then switched coasts to work at Mccann in San Francisco and finally moved to Los Angeles in 2010 to work at Saatchi & Saatchi's Team One. My experience and large network brings a global perspective to my work.
Throughout my career, I have spent 11 years in executive leadership, leading design and creative technology forward studios, creatives and organizations. While I am equally at home leading traditional campaigns, my expertise is centered in the digital realm, where I have executed ideas across all mediums. However, my breakthrough work has centered on emergent digital platforms like mixed realities and cognitive machine learning as early as 2015 and 2016, respectively.
My sweet spot is in developing a strong creative culture that prioritizes inclusivity, brand building across all media, and new technology storytelling. I have a very strong track record of identifying new technologies and creating strong business offerings for clients and the networks I have worked within. As an adept political player, I am equally comfortable among C-suite executives and the craftspeople  who are create the magic in the studios and dark grey rooms.
My work has been recognized by every major award show, and I have spoken multiple times at prestigious conferences such as SXSW, CES, and Viva Technology. Through this website, I invite you to explore my portfolio and learn more about my approach to creative leadership, brand building, and staying at the forefront of emerging technologies.